Improve the editor and make it more comprehensive

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Torben Kania


I would like to see more widgets and more fine tuning options in the editor. Also the responsive settings e.g. different font sizes on mobile devices should be revised a bit more. We should have the possibility to use custom font sizes and fonts.

Please add more widgets in the editor!

Please have a look at the editor of .... I find this much more fine tuned ....

Also a DSGVO cookie box in front of each funnel would be very helpful for all those working in Europe. Can you please add this ?

10 months ago

Alexey Sytnikov

Hey guys! We're thinking of adding a check box for forms, so you could customise it for asking for consent, for example. What do you think?

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Yes, this would do the job!

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+1 this - really neede

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